Our Mission

MercyWorks is a non-profit, faith-based charity not affiliated with any one church and open to divine direction.  MercyWorks seeks funding from individuals, local businesses and philanthropic entities to provide health, education and welfare assistance for the needy and the disadvantaged in Greenville

What is MercyWorks?

MercyWorks is an authorized 501.c.3 non-profit with tax exempt status. It is governed by a Board of Directors made up of individuals representing a range of community organizations in the area.

Although the founders are motivated by their Christian faith, MercyWorks is not a religious organization and has no formal links with any particular church or faith group. Their simple goal is to raise funds to assist individuals and organizations that are working to improve the health, education and welfare of the people in Greenville

Our Focus

Located along I-85, Greenville is an area with acute socio-economic challenges. There are significant social problems among the permanent residents, and the highway brings a regular flow of transient homeless people. In addition, large numbers of immigrant families are settled in our area.

South Greenville is a strong and positive community, but it has a share of people with addiction problems, homelessness and health challenges. Crime in the area includes prostitution, human trafficking, unemployment and mental health issues. Homes are often broken by crime and it is the children and young people who suffer.

The churches, community centers, health clinics and schools are already doing excellent work among those who live and work in South Greenville, but more funding is needed to expand their work and improve the lives of those who want to move forward.

Get Help!

Individuals and organizations whose aims are consistent with the mission statement of MercyWorks are invited download and fill out the Mercyworks Funding Request form below.  Requirements to apply for grants will be made clear in this document. Please email the completed document to us at Mercyworksgvl@gmail.com.

Once an application is received the Board will consider the request and be in conversation with the applicant if more information is needed. Grants will be made quarterly according to funds available and the priority of applications received.

Download Application